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#Happy New Year readers!!! I hope you’ve had an awesome 2015 and that 2016 will be even more amazing for you. One event that will surely help you start the #NewYear in a positive way is Lumiere #London 2016. Artichoke, a creative trust which produces magical, large scale events across the globe, are behind this project and will be lighting up various sites of the capital with the help of more than 20 artists. Highlights of this free event will be the Garden of Light, which will fill #Leicester Square with giant illuminated plants, and Aquarium which will convert a Mayfair phone box into a living aquarium full of goldfish. This nocturnal art trial, will consist of neon 3D projections and performances and will be on show from the 14th to the 17th of January. If you had the choice of lighting up a street or building in London, which one would it be?

At the #British Museum this January until the 7th of February, you will be able to #journey through more than a thousand years of #Egyptian history with Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs. This exhibition starts in 30BC after the death of Cleopatra and Mark Antony and explores how religion transformed this ancient land. It covers both the transition to a majority Christian and then Muslim population, and the periodic moments of a thriving #Jewish population. There are more than 200 #treasures on display that tell the story of how these religions managed to reinterpret the pharaonic history of the region. This is a fascinating new exhibition that explores the intricate details of Egyptian history. How curious are you about the mysteries of Egypt?

The magnificent Cirque du Soleil is back at the Royal Albert Hall from the 16th of January until 6th of March, with their latest spectacular show Amaluna. This production is performed exclusively by women and tells the story of queen Prospera who arranges her daughter’s coming of age #ceremony. Certain #events take place that leads to a group of young men arriving on the island, beginning an epic tale of love between the suitor and the daughter. You will be enthralled in emotion and drama!

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