The World’s Most Unusual Holiday Destinations

Where will your next #holiday destination be?

The world is brimming with places to explore and sights to see. For #adventurers looking to stray off the beaten path, there is an array of lesser known travel spots to be discovered across the globe. Here are a few ideas.

North Korea

Highly restricted and difficult to access, #North Korea is certainly not a holiday choice to be taken lightly. Foreign visitors must be accompanied by a local guide at all times and what# tourists are able to see and do is heavily controlled. Nevertheless, a visit provides a scintillating glimpse into one of the world’s most closed off nations.


#Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth and home to the South Pole. While the harsh conditions and isolation may not hold appeal to all, the idea of following in the footsteps of the explorer Robert Scott combined with the fantastic# landscapes and wildlife gives Antarctica an allure that is hard to resist.


The home of #Dracula is sure to spark the imagination and, though the vampire may be fictional, where he is from is not. Historic and beautiful, Transylvania is found in central-western Romania and offers a diverse mix of cultures and attractions, from the #multicultural city of Cluj to any of the 100 #ancient castles the region boasts.

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