Christmas temptations

How do you celebrate Christmas?

When I was growing up, my Christmas' presents would only show up after the visit of Father Christmas during the night. So, on Christmas' mornings I would wake up very early and be overwhelmed by #happiness and amazement because I got those special toys I really wanted and others I didn't even know but liked as much! This happy childish feeling stays a fond memory. One might say I believed on Father #Christmas for too long, but I don't care!

Reuniting the family, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and joking around with my relatives makes this holiday pretty #special for me. #Agenda and work issues can sometimes keep us weeks or months apart but when we manage to finally get together, we catch up with the good and bad news and it feels like we were just a few days apart.

We know each other since whenever we are there when it's really important we give a helping hand when it's needed or a friendly #advice even when we shouldn't. We want and desire the best for everyone in our family and we all know and feel it.

Stores try to take advantage of this powerful feeling by luring us with #luxurious gifts, tempting promotions and easy lines of credit for those who can't yet afford what they want to give. Sometimes it's too hard to resist but we have to. No family member wants us to give more than what we can. If that special present can't be given now maybe we should save up for a few more months and give it on a birthday, or even when it's not a special date. Sometimes, waiting a little bit more for something makes it more special and desired.

At the end of the day, with many #presents or a few selected ones, what does matter is creating fond memories and really enjoy these special times we can all be together.

#Merry Christmas!

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