Have you ever noticed how noisy it can get on a London bus? #Londoners get used to it quickly when they have to commute the same route, although they will complain to you occasionally that train is much better, or how much they need their driving license in order, so they can hear no more of the “bus orchestra”.

What do I mean by the “bus orchestra”? Mainly, that the top deck of every bus in the evening becomes a holy place for each of those who need to call home. Just get on a bus, say, Wednesday night, and you will hear languages that you never knew actually existed. Everybody on the phone, you wonder what network affords such long #conversations overseas. The #amazing thing is that they don’t seem to disturb each other one bit. Everyone is excited as they finally kick away the inconvenience of the language of this land and let their native speech flow. Soon enough, you learn to not let it disturb you either. Afterwards, you find you even learnt some foreign language through your commuting.

Bus #commuters can’t afford to be xenophobic, cause if you arethen you’re in trouble. Then again, if you’re xenophobic, what on earth would you be doing in London, the #capital of #multiculturalism? In this city most of your colleagues, some #childhood friends and a boss are likely to be foreign. London always pushes you out of the box.

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