The Asphalt of Pain

How do you feel about London?

The one thing that stays unchanging in London regardless of the season is roadworks. If you like your infrastructure in some parts of London, it means that for the last couple of months people in this area had been suffering endless drilling and inability to get places. The roadworks reach their peak in the summer, the whole of London is building and drilling in expectation of a long rainy winter that starts sometime in autumn.

Counting construction cones while on the bus would have become the national pastime, if it weren’t for Londoners still being the reading type. On the transport you see people with books, tablets and most prominently newspapers all around you. As the workers in orange suits keep drilling and regulating traffic lights, newspapers go from hand to hand on the stagnated bus. When you commute in London it is impossible not to be a reader.

Truth is roadworks do more than give our ride some distant future smoothness. Roadworks train our stamina. Roadworks educate us. Roadworks get us out of our box, and reluctantly we have to place our eyes on whatever it was that Boris Johnson scandalously declared to the MP’s. You have to, because you know that for the next 10 minutes you are not going anywhere!

Not with that cement truck on your way…

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