The devil's in the detail

Cloning human organs could -and could being the operative word- solve the organ donor crisis. If someone's damaged organ can be replicated from undamaged parts then the body would have no reason to reject it- a major problem with organ transplanting operations.

Cloning animals could also help #species on the verge of #extinction, would they be then left in vast protected lands to restore their numbers, protected from poachers by private security or some national army?

This brings me smoothly onto the next jump; IF we can clone an animal from our time, a sheep, then why not try to do...a dinosaur? If you think that sounds crazy then tell that to the #Australian Billionaire who last year expressed an interest in cloning a #dinosaur. He's got the money to put behind it (reminds me of a certain Jurassic movie) but could it actually become a #reality?

Some scientists say it’s nigh on impossible and even the #optimistic ones say it's highly unlikely. But you can get some DNA from the bones and grow something even if you don't have a complete #DNA then you can improvise with nearest matches of other animals.

In Japan for example a scientist plans to clone a woolly Mammoth, whose genome is said to be almost complete, but the surrogate mother will be an elephant.

The boundaries to cloning aren't just moral they are logistically almost impossible. But year by year what would usually be the realm of sci-fi is becoming reality. These are exciting times indeed!

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