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Money-Saving Tips

I don't usually dwell on money and how one should spend it but there are useful #money-saving tips that in my opinion make sense, and I’ve decided to share them here.

The most important tip of all is to try to memorise the price of the products you buy more often, thus you will know if the discounts are real. A special price tag on one supermarket can be the usual price tag on another one. Every time you decide to do some shopping, think about what you need and avoid #impulse purchases. Don't let 'special advertisements' affect your judgment!

Never hoard perishable goods, and do mind the best before date even with the products that are known to have a good shelf life. Buying too much products at a discount that will end up in the bin later on is still a waste of money, and equally bad for the environment.

#Xmas deals - everyone's favourite and the shops know that we like them. As in all discounted items do be careful if the advertised discount is a real one. If you want something #expensive, make sure you visit a good number of shops on different locations to compare prices and get the best possible deal. If you decide to wait for these 'special deals' note down the current price of the product you want, because some shops falsely increase the price of some products in order to make the discount more appealing...

#Christmas presents - commonly bought during December but we should really buy them during the whole year! Not only can we take advantage of the best deals that show up occasionally but also save the #lucky recipient from duplicate gifts that frequently happen when great products have good #discounts during Christmas.

The hard-earned money should always be well spent but do give yourself a treat and give great #presents to your family, especially when they least expect them. After all, saving money doesn't mean to live a meagre boring life. Even Scrooge McDuck managed to have an exciting happy life!

Do you know more tips like these? Please share them!

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