Drones Will Prevent Shark Attacks

I'm intrigued by how our #future will look like with #robots speeding past us running someone's errands, and drones flying in such large numbers around us that they look like a scourge of mosquitoes... Definitely not a pleasant thought!

Today however, drones can be a helpful tool if used correctly. Politicians from the State of New South Wales (#Australia) want their beaches 'patrolled' by a group of drones to prevent #shark attacks, and Coffs Harbour is the chosen place to test the technology.

#Drones will continuously scan and identify marine life close to the surface, alerting in advance authorities and nearby swimmers whenever a shark is detected. If this project proves to be a successful one, it will be extended to other #Australian #beaches and probably even to other countries.

Unfortunately, during this year alone, 33 Australians were victims of shark attacks, with two of them sustaining fatal injuries. Let's hope the drones are able to reduce the number of victims to zero.

What do you think about drones and its present day use?

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