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We Are All Connected

#Humans are clever, adorable, practical, and protective towards their family and many struggle every day to have a better life... Just like animals do in the wild.

What is the difference between a #mother that tries to protect her child from danger and a female lion that protects her cubs from a starving lion? What is the difference between a fire in the city centre and a fire in the forest that roofs hundreds of different animals? What is the difference when we drink water to ease our thirst after a hard day's work, and a zebra that finally arrives to a clean river after hours of trotting through the desert?

What is the difference between the intense traffic through a city's bridge and the wildebeests trying to cross the river (apart from the crocodiles that is...)? What is the difference between the fishermen that do what they know best every single day and a penguin that catches fishes for himself and his family? What is the difference between the first road trip a young adult does after getting his driving license and the first flight of a young bird that finally abandons the nest?

What is the #difference between a baby elephant using his trunk to play with the water, splashing himself and others around him and two young brothers playing and splashing themselves with a hose in the garden? What could possibly be the difference when we awe by the magnificent beauty of the sun going below the horizon and the feelings of a baby monkey while hugging his mother and seeing the very same thing?...

Because we, as humans, have received the gift of a special and powerful brain, we should use it for the benefit of those around us and take care of this magical place we call Earth; Home of humans and animals alike. We truly are all connected; and deep down we already knew it.

YouTube link of a special video -

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