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Ghosts, ghouls, zombies and other scary beings are usually ‘celebrated’ on #Halloween, but if you fancy continuing #celebrating this #frightening theme this November, then you can at Wahaca’s Day of the Dead. This Mexican food festival is a multisensory exploration of Mexico with live music, DJs contemporary and street art, film and debate. #Music acts include Savages, The Horrors, Crystal Fighters and Mexican super-group Mexrrissey. Art curated by the Saatchi Gallery and by Mexico’s Rodrigo Penafiel ponders life and death and will help draw you into deep thoughts. Food is at the heart of the festival with Mexican market tacos, tortas, smokey barbacoa, roasted elotes and fresh churros for sale. This event takes place at Tobacco Dock on Saturday 7th November and is a fun and merry way of celebrating a morbid aspect of life. It’s also a good excuse to try some tasty authentic Mexican food. What’s your favourite Mexican dish?

If you wish to diversify your opera taste and broaden your knowledge of it, then why not try watching some Chinese opera shows. The #China National Peking Opera Company will be coming to London this month to put on performances of two of their Chinese opera masterpieces. The shows are taking place from the 19th to 22nd of November at Sadler’s Wells and will definitely deepen your love for opera. Farewell My Concubine is a show that brings together a cast of over 50, combining music, song, mime and finely crafted costumes for a tale of grief, courage, patriotism and family loyalty. #Warrior Women of Yang is another fantastic show that will be performed at #Sadler’s Wells. What opera show do you enjoy the most?

From the 25th November to 10th April 2016 the #Tate #Britain is holding a presentation of art associated with the British Empire from the 16th century to the present day. Artist and #Empire at the Tate brings together works from public and private collections across the UK with sculptures and paintings. The exhibition explores how #diverse #artists around the #world responded to the #experience of empire. It also considers how the empire shaped some of the themes of British art that still resonate today.

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