An Unexpected Evening

Ever had that sinking feeling?

Today as we joined the queue at the local #supermarket I commented to my wife, “I hope it is not too busy out as I need to get back and cook dinner before it gets too late”.

As we left the car park a joined the main road the traffic was a lot busier than usual, I expected it to just be Friday traffic. After being stuck for ten minutes without moving I put on the local radio station to hear the news the ring road was shut and traffic in the area was extremely heavy.

After another ten minutes our baby started to get fussy and I was tired of looking at the truck in front so I managed to pull off the road safely and get the family out. We walked into town and found a nice #restaurant to eat at which was lovely. After we had eaten we then walked about town admiring the lights taking #pictures and enjoying the town by night. Once we started to get cold we made our way back to the car and drove home in little traffic and in good time to get the boys to bed.

As I now #relax after a nice evening I realise, often it is good to simply stop if we are going nowhere and have a change, then when we try again things can be a lot clearer... like life at times.

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