200 Days in Space and Counting!

After so many days on the #International #Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly is still enjoying the #challenge and sharing the best part of it with the whole world through hundreds of #beautiful #images taken from space.

With personal accounts on the main #social #media websites (#Facebook, #Instagram and #Twitter) that he updates frequently, everyone can easily become a space enthusiast and see our #planet the way few others have seen.

The #experiment will allow #NASA to test how the human body reacts to 12 months in zero gravity, as Scott Kelly's identical twin Mark (a retired astronaut who will stay on Earth) has agreed to take part in many of the same medical experiments as his brother, in order to provide a reliable source of comparison to what is happening to the astronaut's body.

NASA highlights the importance of this unusual #mission, not only to the longer space missions they are thinking about but also to benefit those who due to medical reasons have to sustain very long periods confined to a bed, and to improve the infections monitoring much needed in these type of situations. The #psychological effects on #astronauts sustaining long periods in isolation and confined to small spaces will also prove to be very valuable to NASA's next space missions.

What do you think about these space missions? Would you accept a mission like this?

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