An Example worth Following from Copenhagen

The Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has banned all 45,000 City Hall employees from flying with an airline company famous for cheap flights, protesting against their alleged low salaries and bad working conditions - "The City of #Copenhagen cannot accept #social dumping!", explained Jensen on his #Facebook page.

The example set by this Mayor is an important one. At the end of the day, in many situations where we are not certain about which product is the best one, the price issue becomes more relevant and we tend to prefer the most economical option. The problem is when the low price is backed by poor working conditions and / or meagre salaries...

We, as customers and #civilised people, shouldn't tolerate it and indeed boycott companies that prefer this deplorable path! Although it is almost impossible to know what happens in the production-line of every single product we buy, when we do know that that particular company we have been choosing uses dubious working practices; practices social dumping; slavery; animal experiments and maltreatment; or #environmental crimes, we become co-responsible for the perpetuation of such actions if we continue to buy them!

Frequently, we see news about particular companies and the deplorable state of their workers that horrify us and we would like to know what we can do to stop them from doing more harm. Well, to stop buying what they're selling and prefer the next best option even when it is a bit pricier is a great everyday action we can all do. It tells the industry we care and prefer the #products from companies that respect their workers and our planet. If we want a better future for every #family and more dignified working conditions around the world, we really need to do something for it to happen don’t we?

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