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Beloved Classics for Free!

Books that have astonished, marvelled and sparked the #imagination of many generations of readers are today available online for free as e-Books, thanks in great part to Universities.

Although handling a paper book can be a #pleasure of its own, someone has to pay the printing cost. By now, most of us are already used to read on a screen and newer generations tend to prefer everything digital. Without the printing cost, one can have as many #e-Books as one wants to, readily available on a tablet; a PC; or a dedicated e-Book reader - at a very small price or free of charge!

A Google search on this subject is worth our time and effort, and even #Apple and #Google through their App Stores have many e-Books available for free too. They may not be at a centre stage position (who can blame them?), but with a small search, one can easily find them.

Just think about the #classics you would love to read, or the author who you have always heard about but never actually read. If the book was written before 1900 or thereabout, chances are there is a free e-Book out there waiting for your download and reading pleasure.

What will your next read be?

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