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What a year!

What have you done over the last year? Exactly one year ago, my family moved back to the #UK from living in the #USA for 3 years.

Once we settled into our #jobs we were then in the position to thank the people who we were staying with for their kind hospitality and move out.

It didn’t take long until we found somewhere new to live. We only had a few items of clothes and belongings from our #suitcases, as our #crates of belongings took a few months to arrive.

We managed to #buy a #house and had to wait a few months while it was being built, in that time our crates arrived.

About 6 months after first arriving back, we moved into our #new home and found ourselves without any furniture. It was surprising how short amount of time it took to make our house feel like a home.

Finding a #school for our son proved a surprisingly easy task and though building a community of friends is ongoing, we have got to know some lovely people.

So, had you told me one year ago that we would be here, I would have doubted it. Isn’t it fantastic how life seems to just flow? The question is, where will you be in one year from today?

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