How do you deal with Pressure?

The most important aspect is to stay calm. Your ability to remain #calm will definitely have a direct impact on your focus and performance.

Prioritise your day, by defining what is truly important to achieve during that same day or that week. Knowing every project's #deadline and what you have to do in each one of them, enables you to write down a to-do list that will let you see your work and the amount of time you will need to do it successfully.

Minimise your own interruptions. You can't control other colleagues emailing you or stopping by for a chat, but you can control your answers. If you receive emails that can wait, don't answer right away but later that day during a set period of time you defined for answering that sort of emails. If a colleague needs something from you, try to quickly understand what it is and help. The better you handle all interruptions, more efficiently you do what you have to.

Don't forget to eat, drink and sleep enough, because when one is too busy these vital actions are frequently overlooked. Drinking water instead of coffee will keep you #hydrated instead of anxious and a #healthy meal will keep your #energy up instead of forcing your stomach to work overtime to deal with the greasy fat fast-food. Having enough sleep will also help you stay #focused during the next day without any sort of drowsiness that often makes one do silly mistakes that can be time-consuming or spoil your hard work.

Finally but not least important, set a boundary between work and family time. It's true that technology keeps us connected 24/7 but once you are at home refrain from checking your email, #relax and enjoy the moments you spend with your family. After all, they haven't seen you all day.

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