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Is it the Beginning of the End for Comment Sections on News Websites?

The vast majority of #news #websites used to proudly display comment sections alongside their news, in what appeared to be a marketing effort to become 'closer' to their readers and even allow conversations between them.

However, as the online world is no different from the world that we all live in, divisive comments quickly became an issue. The need to moderate comments has since become a full-time job for several people (!) and not even the end of #anonymous comments managed to solve the problem.

The Verge is the latest #website to close its comment section, a decision that will surely continue to be followed by many other websites. It is unfortunate that to end divisive and #offensive comments readers will no longer be able to comment the daily news on websites, as this has proved to be very useful in making real #connections between people, and even exposing something that was only known by local #communities.

Hopefully, some websites will be #brave enough to maintain their comment sections and allow future #generations to benefit from something we all did at the very beginning of the #Internet before #obnoxious people tried to ruin the #experience to everyone...

What do you think about this?

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