Sing a Song

When I was a child each year at the end of the last day of term my mum would burst out #singing "School's Out for Summer" a track from Alice Cooper's fifth #album released in 1972.

Just over a week ago I sang the same song to my son on the last day of term. Similar to the way I looked at my mother, my son looked at me as though there was something wrong.

We are now a week into the #summer #holidays and have a good daily routine going which usually starts with some breakfast and then a re-organisation of toys that were put away the night before. Each day has different #activities but our daily tasks usually end with the watering of the #plants right before bedtime.

Through most of our tasks we sing about what we are doing, or even just sing the task title a few times in a tuneful manner. On the #T.V. we often join in with the #songs #playing and #sing along when we can.

Most of my #childhood #memories have a song to accompany them, do yours? From a T.V. show #theme-tune, to songs sung about the house by my mother. I expect when our kids are older this will be the case for them too but maybe I will find a different end of term song for next year!

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