Does Microsoft Want to Kill Piracy or Annoy Customers?

One of the issues of Microsoft's Windows 10 is that to be installed users have to agree that it will verify every program on the computer to see if any of them is a pirated one.

I don't support piracy - there are open source and free to use programs as good as (if not better than) paid ones. If one wants a specific program but the price of it is a deterrent, a simple #Google search for a free legitimate alternative is most of the times the answer.

However, I don't think Microsoft's anti-piracy program is as #trustworthy as Microsoft itself may think. Not that long ago I had an issue with Microsoft because out of the blue they decided that my faithful but ageing Windows XP was indeed a pirated one! Microsoft didn't remember taking my #money (after all, years have gone-by) and after a decade of usage my Windows XP started to misbehave, following Microsoft's orders to do so! Fortunately there are great people on the #Internet who had had similar #issues, and after an automatic contact with Microsoft everything was cleared out.

What is #annoying though is that a company that fails to distinguish paid and faithful users from pirates, and isn't even able to clear out if an ageing Windows install is a pirated or a legitimate one, now thinks that it can check my whole computer (with lots of paid and free to use programs to which they have no relation with) and see if they are pirated ones? When they can't accurately do that on those that go out of their own facilities?!

Microsoft you really want to annoy everyone and be out of users soon, don't you?

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