Are We There Yet?

Children nowadays have grown accustomed to immediacy; they simply click on a #button and something immediately happens!

Long gone are the days when if you wanted to listen to a specific song you had to fast forward or rewind a cassette, a process that could take a couple of minutes until the exact start of the song was found...

Reading #comic books, and actually holding a #book made of thin paper, handling it with care so that the pages didn't fall out and using proper #imagination to fill in the action gaps between the panels is also a thing of the past.

While sitting down and play board games face-to-face with real friends and actually have a great time doing it has been poorly replaced by a games console, and 'friends' you will never meet...

Doing something that takes time, have the patience to wait for things to happen and having great face-to-face conversations were #marvellous things to have while growing up. With these foundations I can truly appreciate the way technology made our lives easier, but not always better!

The need for immediacy that today's #children have, and their lack of patience makes me wonder how #society will be like in thirty years from now... What do you think about this, should we have a 'back to basics' week, without (or with little) #technology?

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