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A Glimpse of Future Holidays on Dark Matter TV Series?

Dark Matter is a new series that portrays life at some point in the #future. Some viewers are calling it “Star Trek on a budget” but I cannot agree with them; although both shows are mainly done on a starship and there is indeed a glimpse of Spock in the Dark Matter's #Android, the similarities end there.

I loved watching Star Trek while growing up and still enjoy watching it whenever I can. I'm unsure if I will do the same with Dark Matter...

On a recent episode they showed their viewers a plausible future way of holiday travelling. The holiday 'traveller' just has to visit the local virtual holiday company, explain where he or she wants to go and do, and then lay down inside a holiday pod that will copy all of the travellers memories, #personality and #physical body and replicate it into a clone that is built instantly on the desired destination. The 'original' person just has to sleep and wait the clone's return at the end of the #holiday.

Everything the clone does and the #memories built during the holidays are reported back and 'added' to the original person's memories, as if everything the clone did was actually the traveller doing it. It is also dubbed "the safest way to travel" by #future #marketing because if something bad happens to the clone, the 'original' person isn't harmed in any way...

I don't usually dwell on science fiction. I take it as it is - #entertainment. However, the casual attitude to cloning (considering it the most natural thing to do in the future) by many of today's science fiction writers; and the #manipulation of one's memories just for leisure reasons makes me wonder how insanely frivolous the future can be, and how thankful I am for living today and not in two or three centuries time...

Virtual holidays? I would rather go to the nearest sunny #beach, thank you very much!

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