Will Human Brains be Connected to the Cloud?

What do you think about having your brain connected to the #Internet in such a way that you can access your #memories and #special #moments as easily and quickly as you do nowadays with #photos or documents stored in the Cloud?

In 2030, according to Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at #Google, our brains will be connected to the cloud and evolve into a hybrid stage where half of the brain processes will be biological and the other half computational.

#Intelligence amplification or machine augmented intelligence will leave the #science #fiction realm and become a common reality thanks to nanobots, very small #robots made of DNA strands that will link our brains to the Internet. "This is the nature of human beings - we transcend our limitations!” said Kurzweil.

Although it seems far-fetched and many people may consider it to be just another impossible #futuristic theory, it should be pointed out that back in 1990 Ray Kurzweil made 147 #predictions of what #technology would be like in 2009 - 87% of these predictions were accurate!

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