Are Empty Printer Cartridges Really Empty?

Nowadays, the cost of buying a printer is a small one compared to the cost of using it. Printer cartridges are expensive and have become such an important source of revenue to the printer manufacturers that they don't mind selling their printers at a loss as they expect a profit surge later on...

Scott Moore, owner of Bellevue Fine #Art Reproduction which specialises in large format printing services and as such uses many printer cartridges per month, found out that his Epson Stylus Pro 9900 has been providing completely inaccurate empty cartridge warnings.

When Moore opened up the 'empty' cartridges, he noticed that the 700ml ones had still, on average, 120ml of ink left inside, and that the small 350ml ones had close to 80ml of perfectly usable ink that would routinely go to the bin. Moore did the math and found out that he wasted close to ten cartridges worth of ink per month, which is a huge waste of money and equally bad for the #environment.

Epson has already released a statement accusing this 'home test' to be flawed and pointed out that "Users have the choice to swap out a cartridge that is reporting low levels for a fuller cartridge for the cleaning maintenance as needed, and then replace it with the original cartridge to use the remaining ink."

As a frequent user of a printer, my personal advice would be to look closely at what is being printed rather than relying on 'waste-friendly' warnings. Our very own sheets of paper tell us accurately if the printer cartridge really needs to be replaced with a new one.

When do you replace your printer cartridge? Do you think a particular #brand is more accurate on these type of warnings than the others?

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