Electric Cars - The Future of Motoring!

They are the future, full stop. Not because they have proven to be the best of all the alternatives to combustion #engines, but because the automotive #industry has thus decided and #consumers have only the option to oblige or carry on walking in the not so distant future...

An electric #car does have some qualities (prolifically exposed by aggressive #marketing) and as #environment-friendly as they are during daily use, they were welcomed by environment-conscious drivers who couldn't wait to replace their polluter combustion engine.

What the automotive industry forgot to tell us and many electric car users disregard is that most of our electricity does come from fossil fuel (ironic, isn't it?) and that there is a high level of pollution in the process of building and recycling the powerful batteries that allow the car to be drivable. You do know they have to be replaced from time to time, don't you?

What most electric car drivers are also afraid to admit to their petrol-head counterparts is that the batteries' range is indeed an issue! Despite several years in the making, electric cars still demand to be recharged over too many hours; recharging points are still sparse (while broken stations or childish pranks of pulling the plug are too common) and that most of them now wish they had bought an hybrid car instead, where the combustion engine is a valuable ally to the impractical electrical one...

Hopefully, the #automotive industry will eventually shift towards a real alternative to the combustion engine; one that doesn't force us to build special plugs in our homes, or #special apparatus on our streets, an alternative that allows us to 'recharge' it like we refuel our cars. Is this too much to ask?

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