September 8, 2015


Would you like a trip to France?


At the weekend my wife and I left our son with his Grandparents and made our way to #Dover where we met up with some friends and caught and early #ferry across to #Dunkirk, #France.


Though I have visited# France more times than I can count, I had never been to #Dunkirk.  On arrival, as we drove along-side a canal towards the centre of town, I couldn’t help but appreciate the obvious differences between #Dunkirk and #Dover, though they are only about 55 miles apart.


We stopped in a nice café late morning we selected the table by the window so we could watch the world pass us by as we enjoyed our drink.


As we watched a man walked by carrying a #baguette, of course I had to comment to my wife “that’s not something you see everyday”.  A few moments later a lady walked by carrying a few baguettes, then another passer-by, and then another.  It became fairly clear that this was an important stop in the local’s day. 


It then made me think, I buy my bread once a week and often it ends up in the freezer and defrosted when I want to eat it. I like the idea of a daily walk to get a freshly made baguette. I wonder if I do this I will set a trend or if people will comment, “now, there’s something you don’t see everyday”.


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