Cats See Us As Their Equals

September 3, 2015



How do you feel about your pets?


If you have a cat, you might think of yourself as its owner and caretaker but your whiskered friend sees you as a member of the same #species only larger and harmless, according to the new #book "Cat Sense" of #English biologist John Bradshaw.


John Bradshaw has been studying cats for over 30 years and reveals interesting facts which do explain some daily behaviours cat-owners may have some trouble #understanding. Since cats aren't bred for a specific task (unlike dogs or horses) they have kept much more of their wild traits; therefore, their #interactions with humans come from their own natural #instinct rather than human-training.


When a cat rubs himself against its owner or bed, it is repeating the same type of #behaviour it would have with its mother to keep the mother's milk flowing. When it rubs himself against your leg or hand it is a clear sign that it is treating you as a fellow cat and is showing its #affection for you!


When you find a dead rat or bird inside your house it is not because the cat wants to feed you! Before being 'domesticated', cats had to find a safe place to eat their prey. However, as they've got used to cat food they no longer appreciate what they kill and end up leaving them on the carpet...

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