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Draculas Castle

The #flight there seemed to last an age because we were caught in so much turbulence but when I found myself on top of a hill in #Transylvania it definitely seemed worth it. I was surrounded by #lush green and looking down on pretty little brown houses. Hearing the guide I turned and found myself facing a giant ominous building that he was telling us belonged to #Dracula. I raised my gaze up over the turrets lining the top and stood in awe; even if this was a #fairytale it was a great building to continue the mystery.

Inside was a lot like any other grand house I’d looked at during my week in #Romania. Well all of it except for one room. It was closed off to the public and the guide wouldn’t say why. Nosily I stretched up to stare through the window and saw huge chairs covered in cobwebs, giant spindly machines half shrouded by cloth, lines of glass bottles with cork tops and a huge gilded mirror. It looked like a secret lair of a #vampiric #legend and it was wonderfully creepy. That house gave me the right amount of fear and left me hoping that #Dracula did live there, even for a little while. Dare you enter Draculas Castle?

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