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Hope I See You Soon Jon Stewart!

It is never easy to say goodbye and that is probably why #JonStewart didn't say it to all of us. His "I will just go grab a beer" line sounded to most of his fans not like a farewell but as a "see you soon" type of goodbye, which is a good thing because a world without Jon Stewart's remarks, wittiness and #humour is definitely a poorer place to live in.

As an outsider, watching U.S. politics and politicians being openly ridiculed and criticised because of their #intellectual dishonesty proves that #American democracy is a healthy one. Unfortunately, what Jon Stewart has also shown us over the years is that there are #characters who think themselves above everyone else and whose opinions should be always taken with a grain of salt because they do shift tremendously, merely based on what is popular to say and defend at a given time...

By leaving the Daily Show at the peak of its #popularity to have the #opportunity to watch his children growing up and getting out of a stressful albeit comfortable (and perhaps increasingly boring?) zone, Jon Stewart actually proves what had transpired over the years - he #loves what he does and wants to leave before he spoils it; he adores his family before everything else; and he is honest with himself and with his viewers who watched the Daily Show, a place where everyone can get American and world news without nonsense.

American #politicians (and around the globe) may be rejoicing at this break from clever criticism but I'm sure Jon Stewart will return, probably not with a daily show but with a less #demanding and stressful show that will allow him to continue his work on exposing nonsense and intellectual dishonesty #worldwide. God knows he will still have his work cut out...

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