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Why is the Beach so Appealing?

We are all drawn to the #beach; even those living in countries where there isn't one take advantage of their holidays to travel to countries known for their excellent beaches and sunny weather. Why is that? Why is the beach so appealing to people with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds?

Living in a country like #Portugal, blessed by long and sunny #Mediterranean beaches and colder ones by the #Atlantic Ocean, I'm spoilt for choice. I confess I couldn't live years without going to the beach, not necessarily for tanning purposes but to calmly observe the vastness of the ocean or sea in front of me (suddenly our daily problems seem smaller); to close my eyes and feel the #sun and the #ocean breeze almost transporting me to a #zen state of mind...

There is something poetic about having our own footsteps constantly erased by the waves nearby... Nature puts ourselves in our rightful place; humbles us but also helps us focus on what matters the most.

A peaceful day by the beach is always refreshing and a boost to our energy. Maybe that is the secret to the beach's worldwide popularity.

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