Is there life after Europe's financial crisis?

The #European crisis made us shift priorities in life. The lack of #money, lack of job security, and the fear of what tomorrow will bring, made us look in a different way to some things we might have taken for granted during most of our lifetime.

The small kind #gestures and enjoying time together, not in some #luxurious restaurant, but outside in a park, where you can run, laugh with or kiss your better half, while nobody cares, are renewed joys that a stressed monetary-centric life might have forgotten.

No matter how much money one has, there is still fun to be had. Remember when you were younger and had fun with just a couple of toys? You only needed your #imagination to create a whole story worthy of the best of #movies. Now, as an adult, the simplest pleasures can also be the most satisfying. Use your imagination and focus on what you can do.

Going back to basics can be a more #rewarding way of life than one expects it to be. Prioritising what is needed, and better deciding where and when to spend money are lessons being learned the hard way; we may as well enjoy them as best as we can. Is there life after Europe's financial crisis? Of course there is, and it still is up to you to have a good one.

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