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#Culture Shifts Due to #Technology

Technology and #mobile devices have changed the culture. The ability to look up #information in the moment you are wondering about something shifts expectations for what is possible. Rather than waiting until you had access to an encyclopaedia or having to wait to call a #travel agency, you can now simply call up the information on your phone. This changes how we make plans with friends--the ability to do things at the last minute, ensures we are getting the best prices, and to be able to challenge statements people tell us on topics we know nothing about.

Knowing information does not have the same value it once did. Anything I do not know, I can become an expert at within minutes no matter where I am at. This causes a shift in the value of information. If everyone has access to information all of the time, the value is not in knowing information but rather in what you are able to do with it. When learning something new formal classrooms are not necessarily needed, information we once paid for is now freely available.

Critical thinking, being able to make connections between unrelated things, the ability to discern if information is good information from a reliable source; these are the new literacies that we must all embrace. Rather than making people lazy, this technology forces us to abandon the value of rote knowledge and instead start asking harder questions and placing a higher value on thinking.

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