You Can Only Use Two Adjectives

August 10, 2015

An expanded #vocabulary is essential for effective #communication and higher level thinking.  Imagine having to describe how you feel at this moment but you only know two adjectives:  “good” and “bad.”  It is nearly impossible to communicate your true feelings with any degree of accuracy is such a case.  This is why children often have difficulty expressing their feelings or even formulating certain thoughts--they simply do not have the vocabulary to express nuances in their thought and feelings.  As we age and naturally expand our vocabulary we are naturally better able to communicate with others.


When learning a new #language, we essentially go through the same process of language acquisition.  Then, as we converse in our new language we experience the same sort of difficulties because we simply haven’t the depth and variety of language to communicate with a high degree of nuance and precision.  Our power to communicate naturally increases when we not only acquire a larger vocabulary but one that contains highly nuanced synonyms that are able to pinpoint meaning with a higher degree of accuracy.  Therefore, instead of only knowing the word “good,” you also learn the words: “fantastic,” “blessed,” “fine,” and “well.”  This would allow you to express a highly nuanced and specific line of thought.  


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