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Anna Magnani: Playing theTruth

Playing the Truth’ (a documentary tale on Italian actress’ Anna Magnani’s life and career) shed light on one of the most #iconic and international renowned #Italian #actresses of all time.

The film ‘#RomeOpenCity’ (1945) launched Italian #Neo-RealistCinema of the post war era, and made Magnani an #international #star. Her acting, known as volcanic and passionate reflected her real, larger- than-life persona.

The documentary covers her Academy Award winning role in ‘TheRoseTattoo’, written by #Tennessee Williams. Williams wrote the part with Magnani in mind, and she starred alongside Burt Lancaster who later said she was the greatest #actress he had ever worked with. Although lifelong friends with Williams, their friendship was also tumultuous, so much so that the stage play ‘#Roman Nights’ is based on the pair, and has received much critical acclaim.

#Magnani did indeed ‘play the truth’. The emblem of the #strong #woman, she was both feisty and vulnerable at the same time. In an era where women were often pretty #puppets on equally #pretty strings, it was refreshing to see a force so raw and relatable – she represented overcoming the #struggle, a true war #survivor.

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