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Defined by What?

Who are you? Some of you would have simply answered with your name; others would have used a family title, mother, father, sister. And then there are those who would have used their professional title, salesman, lawyer, and teacher. So perhaps the real question is how do you define yourself?

As someone still struggling to find a #career that’s meaningful, I have realised how quick we are to define ourselves by what we do. Its natural, we spend much of our time as adults working and to spend that time stuck with a job title we hate is hard. Who we are and what we do is linked intrinsically, notice how we interact with new people, the standard questions are what’s your name and what do you do. The name we go by and the #professional title we wear seem to go hand in hand. A short blurb of who we are.

So when stuck in a day job you hate it’s easy to lose sight of yourself, to define yourself by that alone. The truth is we are not our jobs, we are a myriad of things and our sense of achievement should not be limited to how we pay the bills.

I am a #writer, good or bad, and that definition helps me. Sometimes I’m a Joker, sometimes I’m a Rock. I am much more than who I am during the hours of nine to five, as are we all.

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