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Will We Become Cyborgs?

According to the scientist and #Hebrew University of #Jerusalem professor Yuval Noah Harari, in 200 years' time a part of the human population will be #cyborg!

"We are developing technology at an astonishing rate, and the way we personally deal with technology is also evolving quickly. The human race is entering its biggest biological evolution ever; an evolution that may turn men into a god-like being", says Harari further explaining that this evolution will be of such magnitude that our leap forward will be similar to our current leap from chimpanzees.

The reason behind such a big #evolution in what can be considered a small period of time is the fact that we are #programmed to be dissatisfied, always wanting more than what we already have.

However, not everyone will afford this evolution. Only the richest part of the population will benefit from it, immensely expanding the gap between rich and poor. Hypothetically, the new #cyborg #species will even be able to live forever.

"The increasing disbelief in God (or Deities) is making men believe that they are superior to any divine entity, and this idea will be further developed in the #future. We will start believing in a new 'techno-religion', where technology can solve every single problem, including death!” says Harari.

The question is... Do we really want to live forever?

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