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Children's Photos Online & Facebook Perils

A Portuguese Court's decision about the legal guardianship of a divorced couple's adolescent child is also making people more aware of what they publish online. According to the judges, parents cannot publish photos of their children on social media websites, a reminder that these type of websites can be used by sexual predators.

"Children aren't objects that belong to their parents with which they can do whatever they want; children have legal rights and their image must be protected!” affirmed the judges quoting a United Nations study that advises against publishing any information on social media websites that could allow the identification or localisation of a child.

A great number of #social media users (especially parents) prolifically publish pictures of their whole family, mentioning in real time where they have been and what they will do next... It is almost like the famous TV show #Big Brother, except in this case the audience can be much wider (yes, it can!) and there isn't a coveted prize at the end of it.

#Internet allowed such a giant leap for mankind that the majority of people were not ready for it. In less than 20 years, our local friendly audience that knew our thoughts and saw our pictures changed abruptly into a global audience that we will never meet in person!

People began accepting into their personal world 'friends' that supposedly have similar interests, forgetting that these new friends are also accompanied by their 'friends', which according to the open laws of the #Facebook world means that all these people can read and see everything that is #published on what should be a private page but in fact isn't... Unless the user takes the time to correctly adjust the security parameters! Which most users couldn't care less with...

Keeping in mind that what is published #online can be seen globally and that real time information can be used by criminals should make us think twice about how we use social media websites, and finally start using them in a smart way.

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