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Paintings of Nguyen Lan Vy

05-15.07.17 - pic - Paintings of Nguyen Lan Vy.jpg

I planned write this #blog piece about the #Vietnamese Phở, (soup) but my hand-written draft is lost somewhere in transit, so instead I’ve gone for a fine-arts exhibition that I am currently working on in Poland. Below is the artwork used for the invitation, a pastel by the youngest #Artist exhibiting- 9 year old Nguyễn Lan Vy.

Not concerned about an appreciation of her #art with conventional merit, when drawing a horse she does not try to capture its exact appearance, but is happy with a certain likeness. Furthermore, when feeling that the piece is not strong enough, she adapts an idea and is satisfied with a helicopter when she is unable to draw a good enough plane!

According to Trần Ngọc Thêm- Professor of Vietnam Studies, Vietnamese Folklore artists used precisely this method in their #creative works. In the ‘Postmodern’ world this is also what we can anticipate from an expressionist like Nguyễn Lan Vy who finds inspiration in #music and reproduces this on a two-dimensional space.

Already with her own distinct style, I believe that Nguyễn Lan Vy is becoming a citizen of the #Global Art World, and we could all use her method of self-expression and encourage our children to give art a try!

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