Hugo Boss Goes Fur-Free

July 12, 2015

The famous German luxury fashion firm Hugo #Boss just announced an important policy - from their Fall/Winter 2016 fashion collection onwards, Hugo Boss clothes will all be #fur-free!


Finally, the #fashion industry is realising that real fur should never have been a trend, let alone an undying one that is back once every couple of years because of its 'tradition'. According to the brand's statement, this decision addresses their customers' concerns about sustainability and animal welfare. An honest statement, which shows that as customers, we do have the power to make brands change their bad habits. In today's competitive world, our daily shopping tells them what we like and want to have more of, and what we leave behind is what in the end will be discarded.


By only using synthetic furs, Hugo Boss joins an increasing number of big companies in the fashion industry like #Zara, #Tommy Hilfiger, #Calvin Klein and #Stella McCartney that have taken the same right path. We should buy and use synthetic clothes with confidence and pride, because the fabric is excellent and no harm was done to an animal to do it.


Our daily choices do matter!




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