Jurassic World Review

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There was never any doubt in anyone’s mind that #JurassicWorld was going to consist of ooohs and ahhhs followed by running and screaming, to loosely paraphrase the great Jeff Goldblum. Despite both predictions being satisfactorily met there is no hardship in this case in its being given a familiar format.

Jurassic World is clearly a cut above the tongue in cheek feel to the third instalment of the franchise; it takes itself a little more seriously and feels more final than its predecessor. Of course (and as the film itself focuses on), your average resurrected dinosaur is no longer the #shocking revelation it once was and with that in mind Jurassic World brings us spliced dinosaurs. As if genetic splicing wasn’t dangerous enough, it seems the Jurassic World team agreed that doing so with animals that are 90% teeth was probably going to be ok, but hey, that’s #Hollywood.

With plenty of #jumpy moments, and some genuinely disturbing death scenes, Jurassic World feels and looks more #expensive, more epic and more in keeping with the very first film. Certainly there are plenty of call backs to the first movie and the #delightful return of that #nostalgic score to make the diehard fans more than happy.

Still not convinced? Well if for nothing else, you should see Jurassic World for the unlikely friendship (admittedly somewhat strained by dietary requirements) between a man and his #raptor.

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