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Dogs Make Social and Emotional Judgments

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#Science confirms what most dog-owners have already realised - dogs don't like those who mistreat their beloved owners, and will always refuse what they have to offer even if it is food!

The team led by Professor Kazuo Fujita from #Kyoto #University have conducted a simple but accurate test on three groups of 18 dogs. All three groups saw their owners trying to open a box alongside two strangers...

In the first group, the owner asked the help of one of the strangers to open the box, but the person explicitly refused. In the second group, the owner asked for help and easily got it. In both of these groups, the second stranger kept himself neutral (didn't help nor refuse to help). In the third group, neither of the strangers helped or interacted with the owner.

Later, when the two strangers tried to offer the dogs some food, they only accepted it from those who had previously helped the owner or were neutral, and bluntly ignored those who had refused to help!

With this test, "we found out that dogs are capable of making social and emotional judgments, regardless of their own interest!", said Professor Fujita adding that "if the dog had only its best interests in mind, they would accept the food regardless of who offered it."

(Hug your dog when you finish reading this text, this kind of fidelity and #friendship is priceless!)

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