Le Mans 2015

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Watching superb #racing machines being taken to the limits of mechanical resistance and human-beings driven almost to the brink of exhaustion; being surprised by racing events that turn losers into heroes near the finish line; debating with other fans about the cars, the pilots and the racing strategy deployed; and understanding how many of these racing technologies will be used on future everyday cars, these are just some of the reasons that make endurance races worth following every year.

We can't help rejoicing when our heroes win or feel disappointed when they unluckily lose. A kind of support closely related to that of a game of football but where the outcome is only certain at the very end, when the racing car finally drives past the checkered flag!

#Audi, the almighty conqueror of Le Mans during the last decade, was this time out of pace and out of luck. Minor mechanical issues and a few #racing mistakes led sister company #Porsche to a deserved 17th victory! #Toyota, current #champion, promised a good fight but never truly delivered. #Nissan must have left Le Mans embarrassed... Their radical new approach to what a racing car should be (which pretty much defied what everyone else is doing) was unable to compete even with those of lower championships...

Also worth mentioning is #Corvette that showed us Europeans that nowadays American racing cars do corner well and fast; and unlucky #Aston Martin which led almost the entire race until an absurd crash with just a couple of laps to go ended their spotless 24 hours effort, presenting #Ferrari with an unexpected win.

There aren't many #competitions left, where so many top brands show a world audience how fast and reliable their #technology is, and how they compare with one another. A great #marketing #strategy that pushes everyday technology forward, and we as clients and racing fans definitely appreciate it!

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