Thank You David Letterman

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14 million viewers, three times more than the usual audience have said goodbye to David Letterman - a great #American TV legend that decided to end his 33-year-old career. According to the #New York #Times he hosted 6028 talk shows in total! Thankfully, a great amount of his best work is available on YouTube for free!

Despite all the changes (some might call them 'evolution') in #TV #entertainment during the last couple of decades, talk shows are still what I enjoy watching the most. The #recipe of a great one may seem simple enough but often proves to be elusive - a charismatic host behind a smart looking table, conversing with remarkable guests; a humorous tone throughout the interview; and a quality band that adds musical value to the whole show.

The Late Show with David Letterman excelled in all of the above characteristics, providing the audience an hour of quality entertainment through warm and friendly conversations with interesting people. The respect to listen what the guest has to say, asking questions accordingly to what is being said (without sticking too much to the previously planned ones), and giving us the opportunity to know the person being interviewed without hidden agendas was, for me, the cornerstone of #Letterman's success. Now that he's retiring, I think only Conan O'Brien can successfully 'inherit' most of Letterman's fans, as their interviewing and entertainment-styles are indeed very similar.

David Letterman also managed to say goodbye in the best of ways - in the company of a great number of exceptional guests that made good conversations and laughter possible during the very last week of the Late Show, without any tears or regrets but with honest emotions and gratitude... Thank you David Letterman and good night.

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