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My family and I are all very international people. We have #visited and lived in lots of different countries, which is why it feels odd that it has been a year and half since I last flew on an airplane. If our plans work out, it will only be another 6 months until we fly again.

There are many reasons for this, our relocation overseas, the birth of our second child and work commitments. However we have still managed to get away, most recently to the north of #France for a few days; I guess the main difference being that the #UK is right on continental #Europe's doorstep with its fantastic #rail and #ferry links, making it easier to explore without the need to fly.

We still have our credit card which collects air miles and are looking forward to our adventures in #Canada next year. But for now we will be exploring more of the local area, venturing to unexplored beauty and #historical spots in this country. When the #Euro #travel bug comes, we will no doubt jump on a #train or #ferry once more.

So unlike when we lived in the #USA where we had to #fly everywhere (it just took too long to travel by car or train), in #England, we are grateful for the ferries and trains which make it easy for us to see different things in a short amount of time.

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