Kids reacting to an old Walkman

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"Kids react to" is a series of #YouTube videos, showing #opinionated #kids reacting to whatever the director puts in front of them. The episode I want to talk about is the one where they are presented with an 80's Walkman.

Seeing a Walkman for the first time puzzles them like an #alien type of #technology would. They don't know how to open it; don't understand what all the buttons do nor the right way to insert a cassette in the player; and are shocked with the director's explanation that a cassette only holds 30 songs and that it takes time to fast forward and find the song we want to listen to next.

Being an 80's kid myself, who had always used #Walkmans and all the other "extraordinary" #gadgets of the time, I couldn't help but chuckle at the astonished kids that couldn't use "my" technology, nor understand why it had so much success. This small example proves how much technology has evolved during a period of 36 years (the first Walkman was released by #Sony in 1979), and makes me wonder about what type of technology we will be using in the next couple of decades.

YouTube link:

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