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#Apple fanatics want to have one right now and apparently can't cope with the delay Apple is forcing them to have... #Android fans remark that their watch does exactly what they need, and is much cheaper! Traditional clock owners point out that #technology alone can't beat the beauty of manual craftsmanship found in a mechanical watch, and the distinct pleasure of having one on the wrist or in the pocket.

Although no one doubts the iPhone's influence on the #smartphone's market (albeit arriving late to the game), I personally don't believe Apple Watch will follow suit due to four important reasons:

  • There is a myriad of technological options nowadays that tells us accurately what time is it, therefore there aren't that many wristwatch users, and those that like to have a timepiece on their wrist are very finicky about it;

  • Apple Watch is aesthetically pleasing as a piece of technology but its looks falls short of other similarly priced mechanical watches;

  • Android watches are much cheaper, and despite having fewer options and hype they do what most users expect a smartwatch to do;

  • Apple Watch battery life can only be described as a joke. I'm sorry Apple but a full-featured watch is worthless if one has to charge it every single day and still be careful with how much one uses it...

With the #iPhone and #iPad, Apple presented us with solutions years-ahead of competitors that disrupted what we were accustomed to expect from our gadgets. With the Apple Watch there isn't the same notion of technology development, as it seems more of a fashion statement than a technological answer to our everyday needs! Hopefully, the next Apple Watch will be what I and many others were expecting this smartwatch to be in the first place.

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