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Palm Oil - Use It But Know It Better by

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About half of all packaged products sold in the supermarket, like detergent, shampoo or ice cream contains various amounts of palm oil. Because palm oil is extremely #versatile and very cheap to grow, it is the most widely used vegetable oil in various #industries.

Unfortunately, palm oil is grown in the same areas as #tropical #rainforests, and human willingness to do anything for profit started an uncontrolled clearing of these irreplaceable forests for palm oil plantations. Rainforests are important not only because they are the habitat of many #endangered #species such as #elephants; #orang-utans; #rhinos and #tigers, but they also protect small human settlements of indigenous peoples who use the #forests for their habitation and livelihood.

Nevertheless, palm oil should not be considered a 'bad' ingredient we should all stay away from. Realistically we couldn't (such is the widespread use), and there is a way to grow palm oil and protect the environment, animals and local communities at the same time - by using only #certified and #sustainable palm oil, growers, manufacturers and consumers can take advantage of the benefits of palm oil without sacrificing anything.

RSPO is a label we should all be familiarised with and prefer the products that have this important certification. With this label, we are reassured that the palm oil used in the product was produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Our daily choices can indeed impact our environment. Making 'green' shopping choices tells the industry we care and prefer the products that respect our #planet and all the species that live in it. These type of #certifications exist to make people aware of what is going on behind the production curtains, and to make producers aware that if they follow green #sustainable rules they can indeed be more successful than ever.

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