Gone Girl Review (Spoiler Alert!)

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Books I find are either grabbers or growers; you’re either hooked within the first few pages or the brilliance of the work slowly reels you in. #GoneGirl by Gillian Flynn was certainly a grabber for me and one of the most intriguing psychological thrillers I have ever read. The narrative, split between a husband Nick and his wife Amy, allows for a constant guessing game, which one is the liar? This first person account from each character also enhances the emotional response, so much so that when we realise once again that we’ve been lied to, the betrayal is all the more felt by us as an audience.

From start to finish this #novel is unsettling and dark. Its premise revolves around the idea of love being equated to how much we know of each other but also about how little we know about the people we consider closest to us. It’s also a book that handles big themes like identity, media and morality and how these concepts interconnect.

The book closes with Nick trapped with what we now know is a psychopathic Amy, a murderer who threatens him with utter ruin. It’s an utterly #chilling and uncomfortable end to what is an unusual and brilliant book.

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