Our Real-Life Garfields and Scooby-Doos

02-15.04.28 - pic - Our Real-Life Garfields and Scooby-Doos.jpg

How many people chose to have a cat or a dog as their friendly pet, because while growing up they read every #Garfield #comic strip or watched all #Scooby-Doo adventures?

Jim Davis' Garfield and Joe Ruby & Ken Spears' Scooby-Doo are so brilliantly made that they not only amaze and entertain many young boys and girls (and adults too!) around the world, but also prepare them quite accurately to the type of company they can expect from the real pets.

The cleverness and #independence of Garfield or the dependability and loyalty of Scooby-Doo are the foundations of the special bond real-life cats and dogs share with us. Of course, we shouldn't expect our cat to love lasagna and sleep as much as Garfield does, or our dog to be afraid of ghosts and other menacing creatures like Scooby-Doo is, but the shrewdness of Garfield and friendliness of Scooby-Doo is indeed closely related to what every cat or dog-owner experiences every day.

Although many households have a cat and a dog, I actually believe that each person living there shares a very special bond with just one of their pets, and there is nothing wrong with that! By knowing ourselves and which type of company we enjoy the most, we can definitely make a difference in an animal's life and let it greatly improve our own.

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