Robotic Home Cooking

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Moley #Robotics wants to revolutionise our home cooking through a robotised #cooking machine. This futuristic chef is capable of cooking up to two thousand dishes without any human-assistance!

The machine has all the tools of a regular kitchen at its disposal (refrigerator, dishwasher and oven) and two articulated arms that accurately mimic what human chefs do while cooking. #Masterchef's winner Tim Anderson was the selected role model of the machine. While he prepared several recipes, all of his movements were captured in real time and stored in the robot's memory, so that it could replicate them when necessary and at the same speed!

The machine can be controlled through an integrated touch screen or a smartphone app! I already imagine myself 'ordering' a pizza when I'm about to leave work and smell the freshly cooked one when I open my front door!

2017 is when the company predicts this type of #technology will be ready to market, with an estimated price tag of £10,000.

However, this revolutionary machine brings up two key questions - how will we all deal with the increased spare time we'll apparently have? and how will specialised human workers deal with this increasing robotic pressure? (Would definitely like to know #Gordon Ramsay's opinion on this...)

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