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Do you have a favourite word?

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People will always ask you what your favourite movie is, your favourite band, food, colour, and so on. No one ever asks you about your favourite word, isn’t that weird? We use words every day, but we never stop and think about how wonderfully curious they can be. They just become a means to an end, a #communication tool to get something done.

No one ever seems to pause and think ‘hey, that’s a cool word’, except for kids or weird language nerds such as the likes of myself. In fact, I remember that as a kid, I had this epiphany (if that isn’t just one of the coolest words to begin with). I decided that the #Dutch word glimlach (which can be both a noun and a verb) would be my favourite word forever.

The cool thing about this word is that there really isn’t a good #translation for it. In Italian it is sorriso, in French sourire, and in English –what a disappointment really- smile. But it’s so much more than just a smile! It must secretly be the most happy word in the history of everything. ‘Glim’ means something close to gleaming, or shining, ‘lach’ means #smile. Put the two together and it becomes more than a familiar expression of happiness that makes the corners of your mouth curl up (let’s not get into the weird faces, let alone noises some people make when they laugh).

If you glimlach, you smile, you beam, you radiate, but you can also be modest, mysterious, mischievous, like you just had a funny thought or like you’re trying to hide a secret that’s bubbling underneath the surface.

And all of that in just one word. Ah, language. Isn’t it the best?

Yours truly

Elisa Baelus

P.S. we’d be more than happy to have your feedback on what your favourite word is, and why.

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